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Evelin aka Evenaris is driven by the magic of sound and the healing aspect of frequencies.

From a young age she felt a deep connection to the world of sound, whether listening to her father play the clarinet and saxophone, singing in the choir in her childhood, or playing the piano for three decades.

Her fascination with vintage cars led her to the intoxicating atmosphere of the racetrack, where she encountered the invigorating sound and vibration in a more masculine way. 

There are remarkable parallels between listening to the sound of an engine and intuitively listening to the human body. 
The so-called seat-of-the-pants feel and your subjective intuition are useful in both cases. The engine performance depends on the different gears, comparable to the different brain wave states of a human being. You can change and fine-tune both. 

Frequencies are a powerful tool for personal growth and spiritual development. They have helped Evelin connect with her innermost self and guided her to her soul purpose.

As a coach and sound therapist with more than 10 years of experience, Evelin is dedicated to sharing this transformative power with others, helping them connect with their own inner wisdom and unlock their full potential.

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