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My name is Evelin, also known as Evenaris. What drives me? The magic of sound and the fascinating power of frequencies. Ever since I was a child, I have felt a deep connection to the world of sound. Music was and is an essential part of my life. My father was a musician and playing the piano has always been with me, especially the pieces of Johann Sebastian Bach.


My professional career began in the world of finance, where I discovered my passion for numbers. However, my fascination for visible and invisible vibrations remained and led me to complete training courses along the way: from Aura Soma and the shamanic medicine wheel to experiences in the field of consciousness with Cornelia Lachnitt and light healing according to Barbara Brennan. Each training expanded my understanding of the energetic world.


The basis of my sound coaching are spiritual coaching methods, which I learned during a three-year training with Christoph Knott, Gnossis GmbH. I have been practicing these methods for more than 10 years and supplement them with energetic techniques such as working with the Emotion Code according to Dr. Bradley Nelson.


My journey as a sound therapist began with Roland Hutner at the Nada Prana Academy and continued with further training with Susanne Mandl, Sangani and Darren Austin Hall, an international sound healer and author.

But there's more - my love for old cars. Inspired by the racetrack, I discovered an amazing connection between the sound and vibration of an engine and a person's state of consciousness. Both can be "tuned". I create a loving, highly energetic space and enable you to create your very own sonic alignment.


The desire to share my many years of practical experience with many people became stronger and stronger and so it was clear for me to enter the world of electronic music. So in 2020 I started recording my sound healing instruments in the studio and creating sound journeys.


As a sound healing artist, I am passionate about performing live, often in a combination of electronic sound journeys and live instruments to create a powerful and transformative experience for all.


I invite you to dive into your journey of self-discovery and self-development. TUNE IN!


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