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Tech rider & price upon request

Live Sound Performance 

Evenaris creates vibrant electronic soundscapes using sound-healing instruments and frequencies. As both a race car driver and sound healer, she passionately weaves the sounds of engines, spoken word poetry and healing rhythms to raise your personal frequency. 


The performance takes you on a mesmerizing exploration of frequencies, ranging from celestial planet tones to the primal, organic sounds of shamanic traditions. Each layer and element intertwine harmoniously, creating a symphony of vibrations that awaken and uplift your soul.


With Evenaris' unique harmonious sound,
the distractions of our own monkey mind fade away as we enter a state of flow.

Live sound streaming

Experience the magic of Evenaris' live sound journeys from the comfort of your own home.

My preferred streaming platform is YouTube. If you would like to be informed about upcoming live streamings, you can subscribe directly to my channel. 

There you will also find a video of the "World Sound Healing Day".

Additionally, I use Instagram and am on the well-known meditation app "insight timer".

My music is available on major streaming platforms, so you can engage in a transformative sound adventure at any time.

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Individualized online sound journey incl. a file
60 min € 120,-

Individualized online sound journey incl. a file

90 min € 160,- 

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Tech rider & price upon request

Live Sound Experience

Experience the captivating vibrations of tuning forks, monochord, and Tibetan bowls resonating harmoniously with your body, while I provide intriguing insights into the fascinating effects behind these instruments.

Whether you choose to explore the acoustic depths or embrace the innovative electronic compositions, our sound scapes provide a powerful platform for relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-discovery.

Join us on this remarkable adventure and unlock the incredible potential of sound. Delve into the world of vibrational therapy, gain insights into the fascinating effects of these instruments, and embrace the harmonious symphony that awaits you.

Interactive Live Poetry

Once upon a time, an extraordinary event was about to take place in a lively café. The stage was set for a unique evening of interactive live poetry.


The room filled with eager anticipation as Evenaris gracefully took the stage, radiating a magnetic energy. The atmosphere vibrated with excitement, and the audience eagerly awaited the poetic journey that was about to unfold.


With each channeled word, Evenaris wove a captivating tapestry of emotion that created vivid images in the minds of the audience.


With her gift of connection, Evenaris invited the audience to actively participate in the poetic exchange with a "word" that just popped up, and receive a personal boost along the way.


Whether in a café, online, or at a joyous celebration, Evenaris reminds us that poetry is not just a solitary act, but a shared experience that bridges the gap between people and brings us closer to the essence of our humanity.

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Personalized Poems
Spoken Word Performances
Collaborative Projects

Contact me to discuss how I can bring the beauty of poetry into your online space or make your in-person event an extraordinary affair.


Thanks for submitting!

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